Local Enterprise and Initiative - Shrewsbury Councillor vows to be a force for change

August 25, 2016 9:11 PM
By Hannah Fraser

Shropshire and Shrewsbury Town Councillor Hannah Fraser has been selected to contest the next General Election for the Liberal Hannah Fraser as Parliamentary CandidateDemocrats.The selection was made to ensure that there is a candidate in place in the event of a snap election before the spring. Speaking at the recent selection meeting Hannah pledged to stand up for Shrewsbury, saying

Government cuts
'The Conservative government is slowly strangling this County and our Town through lack of funding. We will start to see our places deteriorate, and the services we enjoy disappear into mere memories. We need to fight this! We need an MP who will stand up to government cuts and stand up for Shrewsbury. I am determined to do this.
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital
'I am utterly dismayed that our A&E department may move to Telford. Local politicians have been too passive on this, and our current MP has done too little too late. We need to find out what is the best clinical option for our constituency and fight for it tooth and nail. I will fight for our NHS.
'We need a voice for Shrewsbury and Atcham that will promote sustainable transport and renewable energy, particularly as these help our people stay fit and healthy and help our public services save or generate money. I truly believe in this.
Quarry swimming pool
'We have been successful in delaying Shropshire Council's decision to move the Quarry swimming pool. Now we need to convince them to listen to the people, and keep it in the town centre. I want to make this a reality.
Our young people
'There is a pressing need to create high-skilled and high-paid professional and vocational jobs for our young people, so that they can stay here and flourish in the global economy. We must grab with both hands the opportunity that our new University affords us to create vibrant new enterprise. I am convinced that this can be done with the right vision and commitment. Our community needs an MP who will be a driving force for change. I can be that force.'
Former Shrewsbury Mayor backs Hannah
Former mayor, Cllr Beverley Baker said 'We need an MP that knows and lives our constituency and the issues we face. Hannah lives and works here, raises her family here and I know she cares deeply about the town and parishes. She will make an excellent parliamentary candidate and an excellent MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham.'