Quarry Swimming Pool Public Rally

October 12, 2015 3:21 PM
By Councillor Hannah Fraser

This saturday, campaigners will be taking to the streets in Shrewsbury Town Centre in a bid to save the Quarry swimming pool.

Shropshire Council are currently running a consultation on the future of the swimming pool, and options include moving the pool to an out of town location such as Sundorne Sports Village. Many townspeople are against the proposal to move the pool, and the Quarry Swimming and Fitness Forum are organising a protest march.

Rally - Saturday 17th October

The rally will be held on Saturday 17th October, starting at the top of Pride Hill at 11 am. Everyone is welcome to attend the march through town, which will finish in the Quarry Park by the swimming pool.

Cllr Hannah Fraser said 'I hope lots of people will join the march on Saturday and show the Council how much support there is for keeping the pool in the town centre. The pool is really important for the town, and I hope the Council really listen to what people want and make the right decision'.

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The Council's consultation can be found onwww.shropshire.gov.uk/swim

Quarry Pool rally call

Join the rally on 17th October!